1. General characteristics:

Brasov Marathon is an outdoor mountain competition. The trail is set on marked trails in Brasov and Postavarul Massif.

The minimum age for registration in the Cross, Half marathon and Marathon race is 18 years old. Exceptions are made for the Cross and Half marathon race for 16-17-year old teenagers, for which the parent’s agreement is necessary, written and signed on the registration form and on the responsibility statement. The written agreement has to state that the parents know the competition’s conditions and rules and that they agree with the teenager registering and competing in the race.

  1. Categories:

Marathon – limited to 400 runners

  • Men:
    • 18-29 years old
    • 30-39 years old
    • 40-49 years old
    • over 50 years old
  • Women:
    • 18-29 years old
    • 30-39 years old
    • 40-49 years old
    • over 50 years old

Half marathon – limited to 600 runners

  • Men:
    • 18-29 years old
    • 30-39 years old
    • 40-49 years old
    • over 50 years old
  • Women:
    • 18-29 years old
    • 30-39 years old
    • 40-49 years old
    • over 50 years old

Short race (Cross) – limited to 500 runners

  • Men: open
  • Women: open

Children’s race – limited to 500 young runners

• under 6 years of age          – 750m
• 6 – 8 years of age                – 1000m
• 9 – 11 years of age               – 1300m
• 12-15 years of age                – 1800m


The first 5 places from each race will be awarded. From each gendered age group, the first 3 places will be awarded prizes.

The transfer from one race to another requires a 20 RON tax, plus the price difference, if that’s the case. No reimbursement if transferring from Half marathon/Marathon races to the short race.

The prizes are being awarded only to the winner based on their ID card. All award winning runners that will be present at the award ceremony will receive an extra prize.


  1. Mandatory equipment:

Sport shoes with proper trail running sole for all categories

For the half marathon race a water recipient is mandatory.

Mandatory equipment only for marathon:

  • Headband/ hat/cap
  • Raincoat
  • Long sleeve shirt (or a combination of T-shirt and sleeves)
  • Backpack or fanny pack
  • Water container
  • Long trousers / three quarters trousers+long socks
  • Gloves
  • Emurgency blanket

Recommended equipment for marathon

  • Trekking poles
  • Whistle
  • Crampons (rigid or flexible)
  • A second long sleeves shirt
  • Waterproof Trousers

*The mandatory equipment of every racer can and will be checked by the organizer at the start of the competition as well as on the trail.
The mandatory equipment is to be carried by the participants individually for the entire race duration.

The mandatory equipment can be changed before the start of the race, depending on the weather: items from the recommended gear can be made mandatory. It is recommended to have the have the recommended gear close by before the start of the race in order to be able to accommodate any last minute list change.

  1. The race number (BIB)

Must be attached to the equipment and must be visible all the time during the competition. This will be received by you along with the completed kit on Friday, 20th of April, between 15:00 and 21:00 from the inner court of Safrano Hotel in Piața Sfatului or on Saturday, 21st of April, from the pavilion in the start/finish area in the Piata Sfatului.

  • 6:00 – 7:00 for the marathon race,
  • 7:00 – 8:00 for the half marathon race,
  • 8:00 – 9:00 for the short race.

It is forbidden to run with the race number of a different person.

  1. Timekeeping: times will be converted and recorded to the next whole second (e.g. 15:38:22.4 will be recorded as 15:38:23)
  1. The start will take place as follows:

– for the marathon, 8:00 A.M.
– for the half marathon, 9:00 A.M.
– for the cross, 09:30 A.M.
– for the children’s race, it will be at 2:00 P.M.

  1. The trail

The trail can be changed by the organizer for various reasons, which include: weather, safety, traffic restrictions.

On Saturday, 21st of April, there will be a short presentation of the trail, half an hour before every race.

  1. The time limit for each category is:

– for marathon: 8 hours (16:00)
– for half marathon: 5 hours (14:00)
– for the short race: 4 hours (13:30)

*For the marathon race there are intermediate time limits:

– 3:30 hours (ora 11:30 ) at intersection “Culmea Crucurului with Pestera de Lapte” (aprox. km 12)
– 4:30 hours (ora 12:30) in the checkpoint “La Cariera”
– 7 hours (ora 15:00) in the checkpoint “Liceul Silvic” (before the last climb towards Șaua Tâmpei).

  1. The checkpoints must be reached in the ascending order of their numbers.
  1. Nature protection

Leaving trash, packages, equipment on the trails and/or deliberately destroying the environment will conclude in the disqualification of the contestant and the interdiction to participate at Brasov Marathon in the future.

  1. Stopping / abandoning the race

The organizer holds the right to stop a contestant in the following cases:
– he injured himself at the start, and his condition doesn’t allow him to continue the race
– exceeding the time limit
– special cases
– the contestant has been disqualified

*Any participant that can’t or doesn’t want to continue the race, regardless of the reason, has to immediately inform the organizers, at the start, at the checkpoints, at the finish or by calling the emergency numbers.

  1. Penalties
  • Lacking one item from the mandatory equipment – disqualification
  • Skipping one checkpoint – disqualification
  • Shortening the trail – disqualification
  • Not respecting the rules of the competition – disqualification
  • Inappropriate behavior towards other contestants, officials, public, other people – disqualification
  • Modifying or changing the competition’s numbers – disqualification

*In case of absence at the start, abandonment or withdrawal for any reason, the registration fee will not be returned, and the starting kit will also NOT be handed or sent.

If an age group from any category doesn’t gather at least 5 participants it will be moved/added to the younger age group.
If the race is canceled due to Force Majeure or from causes that are beyond the organizer, the registration fee will not be returned.
All participants are required to present an ID when they register, to complete and sign a copy of the regulation. By participating at this competition, the contestants automatically accept its regulation.

 The technical briefing will take place on Friday, 20th of April, between 20:00-21:00 in the inner court of the Safrano Hotel in Piata Sfatului.



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