Conclusions after Brasov Marathon 2017

Brasov Marathon powered by Total

The 2017 Winter Edition ended only Tuesday when the last logistics pieces were returned and stored away.

We wish to thank everyone who signed up and participated in the first race of the current season of the Carpathian Circuit, defying, or rather playing in, the snow that reached a meter or so. Congratulations!

We wish to congratulate also the least experienced ones, who chose not to participate during the curent weather conditions, but have accepted to keep their registration for the upcoming edition. We do not necessarily hope that the snow will not be present next year as much as we hope you will be prepared for these kinds of conditions until then, because, as you can see in the pictures, it really was fantastic!

The numer of finishers was absolutely amazing:
229 finishers for the Cross, 333 for the Semimarathon and 263 for the full Marathon. Congratulations champions!
We hope you had a fantastic time!
Before we begin to thank all those who helped us, we would like to present who “us” is: We are CPNT Brasov, in short, the Nature Protection and Tourism Club from Brasov, an organization in existence for over 43 years and which will continue to exist with exactly the same spirit of liberty and altruism. We are not a sports club, although we have some outstanding athletes in our ranks, we are not a multinational or a volunteer center. We are a bunch of young people, nature lovers and outdoors sportsmen, who in their free time either spend time in nature or encourage others to do so. This is what we want to achieve through the three competitions that we organize or co-organize (Marathon 7500, Brasov Marathon and ProPark Adventure Race), for people to get to know nature and thus begin to respect and protect it and also teach others how to do so.

But do not think that if you choose to spend time in nature you are protecting it in any way, or that by taking part in these competitions, you are a part of some eco trend. On the contrary: During these races we waste quite a lot of resources that just end out in landfills. You can not imagine what it means for an organizer to buy a few thousand plastic cups, bottled water or disposable cutlery, for a competition aimed towards the nature preservation. However, we hope this is a small price that we all pay to reach a greater goal, real awareness of what nature means to us and what we have to do to protect it. Everyone was surprised at the consistent snow layer of snow at the end of APRIL.

Some chose to have fun despite the snow, others were put off by it, but there weren’t a lot of us who questioned it’s presence. It’s not OK! It is just another sign that we are in the midst of climate change caused by us, humans. If you’ve ever heard about global warming, a term that has arisen a few years ago, forget about it. That global warming is, in fact, causing severe climate changes that lead to extreme weather phenomena, just like this snowfall in April. We need to become aware of our role in this whole story and to help reduce the harmful impact we are having on the environment. The planet will not disappear, only we risk being “kicked out”. We must stop hiding behind recycling as great nature protectors. Instead of considering recycling as a big part of preserving nature, we must start reducing consumtion in general, in all forms. We must then start considering buying products which we can use for a long period of time without changing them. Only then can we think of recycling.
If we start thinking that it’s okay to buy recyclable packaging, we’ve lost the battle already. What we want is for you, the competitors, to be “ambassadors,” or whichever pompous word you want to use, for this idea and this movement. Begin by making your friends and families aware of these issues and teaching them about the impact they have on the environment and ask them to take action! This is the only way you can fit into an “ECO trend” if you really want to.
This is the ninth year we are organizing such competitions, we started when there were dozens, maybe hundreds of runners. Now we are thousands and we can make important changes!

Only now, when we understand what this contest is about, we can begin thanking those who make it possible.

First we would like to thank both our competitors and the organiers, so we will thank the team of over 120 volunteers who made this event possible, and also the team of competitors who have joined our challenge and who make this event posible, bigger every year.
Secondly, we want to thank our sponsors who, like us, chose to support the idea behind our event, more than the actual competition.
Total România, Autoliv, Decimas, Columbia, Allview, Delaco, Sponser, Coresi, Buff, 1717, Tipografia, Livezile Dobrinoiu and Libra Bank have helped us this year. We thank them for this and we want them to be our partners, just as involved, next year as well.

Speaking of partners, we absolutely must mention Time it!, Team Silviu Balan, NHBike, Eventhor, Amicii Salvamon, the Romanian Red Cross and Fisheye. Without some of them, the contest would not be of a lower quality, but it would not be at all!
We also want to thank our institutional partners: Brasov City Hall, RPLP Kronstadt, Salvamont Brasov, Gendarmerie Brasov, the Mountain Gendarmerie Brasov, DJST Brasov, Brasov Road Police and the Brasov Local Police.

Those being said, we will attach the links to the photo albums and articles (as they become available) from the 2017 Brasov Marathon and before next year’s Marathon, we welcome you to join us at Marathon 7500 and ProPark Adventure Race.

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